Raw Material

Metallurgy at Baarique

The essence of Baarique lies in the core of the metals employed at crafting each piece from scratch. To help you understand how each metal adds to an experience, we’ve listed a myriad of their holistic benefits. 


88% Copper & 12% Tin
Ayurveda has taught us the alkalizing effect of this metal on water & food promotes healthy red blood cell development. Gastric ailments, diabetes and skin disorders can be prevented as well with the regular use of Bronze through our tableware.

67% Copper & 33% Zinc
Water stored in brass containers helps combat various water borne diseases. A worthy mention, water stored in such containers never goes stale

96% Copper
One of the oldest metal known to man boasts of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & anti-aging properties. Oligodynamic in nature, it is extremely effective against bacteria’s that are commonly found in our daily environment.