Baarique, a timeless tribute to India's rich heritage, where each meticulously hand-painted and handcrafted metal piece becomes a canvas echoing the vibrant tapestry of the nation's culture.

It stands as a testament to the skilled artisans who infuse their craft with life, making every creation a celebration of artistry and tradition. Committed to community, we revive ancient practices, creating sustainable, contemporary designs that honor heritage.


Our accolades and presence in top global restaurants speak of our dedication. Specializing in exquisite hand-painted tableware, we narrate unique stories with timeless brass and bronze, a celebration of India's cultural heritage.

Malika Budhiraj 
Introducing Malika Budhiraj, the visionary driving Baarique, weaving a narrative where our tableware resonates with the vivid colors of India. Guided by a predominantly female force, Baarique is more than luxury—it is a celebration of empowered grace deeply rooted in our rich cultural ethos and unwavering work ethics.