Malika Budhiraj and Surkhi Matharu
We started working on Baarique at the age of 23 and our friendship over the past 10 years has strengthened by our mutual love for the beauty in the little things in life and by our love for food. 
The inception of ‘Baarique’ (meaning: intricate) happened over a cup of butter tea and a big bowl of thukpa out of traditional metal utensils when Co-Founders, Malika Budhiraj and Surkhi Matharu were on a road trip in Leh.
The brand aspires to encourage the work of local artists through functional art by collaborating with metal-smiths and painters from Rajasthan to produce sustainable traditional Indian metal utensils. The designs are influenced by art, ranging from the gorgeous house boats of Kerela that are intricately hand crafted and covered in flowers, to the gorgeous cherry blossom trees that highlight the streets of Japan.
Baarique brings an amalgamation of unexplored tradition, raw beauty and luxury. The brand stands for sustainability, functional art and well-being. They define Incredible India as tradition, culture, festivals, ayurveda, hospitality, food, and a whole lot of colour. And their attempt to revive ancient Ayurvedic wisdom through contemporary design thus making Baarique, a little bit of India, in all its glory