Baarique brings an amalgamation of unexplored tradition, raw beauty and luxury.



Customise your dinner set: We welcome conversations where your ideas can be reflected... 

  • Handpainted & Handmade

    Each tableware piece at Baarique is painted by hand. Our artisans ensure each artwork holds the finest details within and exudes an inextinguishable glow. The metalsmiths are Baarique forge metals sourced from only the best sites in Rajasthan, crafting uniquely shaped tableware designs.

  • Bespoke

    Envisioned to bring people together through tableware was just the foundation upon which we built our ideology. A step in that direction is allowing you the opportunity to dictate the very aesthetics of the tableware in question.

  • Traditional Metals

    We believe in employing metals in our designs that hold Ayurvedic benefits. We extensively work with Bronze/Kansa, Copper and Brass which subtly put your well-being at the forefront.

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