#IndiaInspired: Moras Bhaji Plate
#IndiaInspired: Moras Bhaji Plate

#IndiaInspired: Moras Bhaji Plate

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The Bombay Canteen celebrates the homecoming of the local produce by marrying them expertly with familiar flavours. Enthused by the movement “India-Inspired” started by the Bombay canteen team.

We give an ode to the effort TBC puts into highlighting local vegetables in their menu, by meticulously hand painting each and every little detail on our traditional tableware. Which is skill fully melted, molded and beaten by craftsmen to create inimitable utensils to give a story to every meal on your dining table.

Note: Moras bhaji also known as Roselle is a local halophyte that grows wild in the salty marshes of the Vashi mangroves in Mumbai. It is a thick and succulent with a crunchy texture and a natural saltiness. Although it's an evergreen, it only shows up in a few markets in Bombay during the fasting season as a salt replacement.

Recommended Dish: Indori Bhutte ka Kees. 

Product Information

Ayurvedic benefit : Bacteria are less likely to thrive in brass ware than in earthenware or plastic.

Dimensions: 8.5" x 1.5"

Quantity: 1 Plate

Metal: Brass

Care : Sprinkle some of our Moutjza mitti on the product and scrub with a soft damp cloth. Dry well before storing, to ensure that it retains it’s natural lustre.

This hand-crafted piece may have slight irregularities and imperfections which only add to the charm of the product.