Kansa Massage Wand and Chamomile Oil Katori set

Rs. 4,500


With the advent of technology during the bronze age, temperatures high enough to forge copper and aluminum were achieved thus introducing us to Kansa or otherwise known as the "bell metal". Our skin's highly acidic nature is kept in balance through the Kansa wand's alkaline properties thus achieving a balanced pH. When paired with oil suitable for your skin type, the Kansa wand extracts all the built-up toxic in your lymph nodes leaving a resonating glow.

Product Information: Wand

Dimensions: 14cm  

Quantity:  1 Wand 

Metal: Bronze (88% Copper & 12% Tin) & Wood

Product Information: Bowl

Dimensions: 11.3cm x 4cm

Capacity: 310ml

Quantity:  1 Bowl

 Metal: Bronze (88% Copper & 12% Tin)

Ayurvedic benefits: Ayurveda has taught us the alkalizing effect of this metal on water & food promotes healthy red blood cell development. Gastric ailments, diabetes and skin disorders can be prevented as well with the regular use of Bronze through our tableware. As you welcome this new creation into the warmth of your home, below are a few ways you can ensure it receives the right amount of love and attention.

Safety: Headquartered in Geneva, the SGS (formerly Société Générale de Surveillance) has certified all our tableware and paints to be food safe. Coated with a food-grade lacquer our designs remain ageless from your first wash to subsequent ones.

Care: Use soap and a soft sponge to gently clean the painted surfaces. All our tableware must be dried well using a soft fabric to ensure it retains its natural luster. To clean any parts that may have oxidized over time, our specially formulated Moutjza mitti works wonders.

Each piece is uniquely handcrafted by artisans with individual styles. Irregularities are considered to be the signatures they mark each piece with. We hope you take as much joy in owning this piece as we did in creating it for you.