#IndiaInspired: Banana Leaf Plate
#IndiaInspired: Banana Leaf Plate

#IndiaInspired: Banana Leaf Plate

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Ayurvedic benefit : Bacteria are less likely to thrive in brass ware than in earthenware or plastic.

Dimensions: 8.5" x 1.5"

Quantity: 1 Plate

Metal: Brass

Care : Sprinkle some of our Moutjza mitti on the product and scrub with a soft damp cloth. Dry well before storing, to ensure that it retains it’s natural lustre.

This hand-crafted piece may have slight irregularities and imperfections which only add to the charm of the product.

 Note: India has a long-standing tradition of serving food on banana leaves. Banana leaves contain large amounts of natural antioxidants, warm food served on these banana leaves absorbs the antioxidants present in the leaves, which are high in citric acid, carotene, calcium and vitamin A. They are also said to have anti-bacterial properties.

Recommended dish: Kardi stuffed Bombil Rava Fry