It an as absolute honour to share that within just 4 years of our inception we have worked with some of most respected people in the industry and with great regard we call them our partners and not clients.
The Bombay Canteen, Bombay

TBC is our lucky charm. When we put together our first collection, we assumed the hardest part was over. Little did we know that being designers with absolutely no formal education in business - we didn’t have a business model in place and we didn’t know what step to take next. We were broke and lost. And right around the time our new nickname ‘two broke designers’ started gaining popularity among our close friends, we received a phone call from TBC (this was 2013). We didn’t know what to expect, but after meeting Sameer and Yash (the partners at TBC) we were sold!. The ideas and the energy they brought with them, surpassed anything that we had come across that entire year. They gave us complete freedom when it came to designing. They had full faith in two 25 year old girls with a tiny box of samples, which was truly overwhelming. This collaboration was nothing short of a blessing.



Made In Punjab, New Delhi


Owned by Zorawar Kalra Regarded as ‘the Prince of Indian cuisine’, son of Jiggs Kalra, Made In Punjab is an endeavour to experience grandeur of Sikh Kingdom. Located in Gurgaon, the restaurant is reviving the rich culinary history of Punjab. Working with Mr. Zorawar and his team was an absolute honour, their team knew exactly what they wanted and to recreate those ideas onto our utensils was a completely different experience.



Pooja Dhingra, Bombay 
3 Days - 40 plates - a bucket full of pink paint - and a whole lot of love.

Mumbai’s favourite pastry chef, (Le 15’s) Pooja Dhingra, served her Japanese inspired desert trio in Baarique’s brass plates with a hand painted cherry blossom at the Mag Street Kitchen in Bombay for a charity event organized by Food With Benefits in support of St.Jued’s Childcare Centre.



The Fat Beet, Toronto


In 2016 we collaborate with Hemant Bhagwani (of Amaya and Indian Street Food Co. fame) from Toronto, for The Fat Beet, a new restaurant that serves Mediterranean, Israeli and Indian in Toronto.


JSK group, London


In 2017 we collaborated with the JKS Group, London which comprises of Trishna a Michelin star restaurant and Gymkhana, which was voted as UK’s best restaurant. We created on an extremely detailed collection for them inspired by the Indian armed forces for their new restaurant Brigadiers.


Goa nights, Macau 



In 2018 we worked with Goa nights, Macau. We were inspired by one of the most expressive forms of Portuguese culture in Goa, the colourful 'azulejos' and we recreated them on Brass and Kansa tableware.

Rue Du Liban, Bombay



 Inspired by the authentic Middle-Eastern flavours with European sensibilities. We created a royal Levantine experience for the diners with the Indianapoli Hospitality group for their new restaurant in Kala Ghoda, Bombay.